Darryl’s Taxidermy is celebrating 33 years of business in the Grand Valley.  With 42 years of experience, there is not much he has not mounted.  Darryl is not only known for his expertise in the field of taxidermy, but also as a renowned big game hunter with trophies including his 1997 Colorado mountain lion that ranked No. 5 in the world.

Darryl’s taxidermy studio is one of the finest you will visit.  His collection of Boone and Crockett mounts has been featured in many books, magazines, and newspapers.  Darryl has one of the largest collection of B&C Trophy Mule Deer mounts in the West.

Yes, there are still big Mulies out there.

The best way to reach Darryl is the office/shop phone number at 970-243-2933.

Darryl’s Taxidermy is located at 159 29 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado 81503    See the map at the bottom of this page.

Tour Darryl’s Taxidermy via Facebook video

Updated Email:  ptaxidermyman@gmail.com

See the pages and galleries for examples of Darryl’s work.

2014 Brett Ross buck courtesy of goHUNT

Darryl in the news (click on the link below):

Darryl’s 2012 Grand Mesa moose hunt article in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel


Taxidermist Darryl Powell shows off the Shiras Moose he harvested with his .54 cal. muzzleloader on the Grand Mesa on September 10, 2012

Video of Darryl’s moose hunt! (Courtesy of John Green gohuntingfishingtv  GO Productions, Inc.)

World record mule deer shed antlers
Darryl and Tawni with the completed mount of the Brett Ross buck scoring 292 6/8.
Matt Teasdale from Lake Gaston, NC, a good buddy of Darryl’s since high school, took this 2014 Colorado mule deer buck. Matt is diagnosed with ALS and took this deer out of his wheel chair…. What the hell was that deer doing in a wheelchair?!?!







Darryl’s best buddy Matt Teasdale from Lake Gaston, North Carolina, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, was successful again on his muzzle-load hunt for mule deer in 2016.


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